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The Virtual Webmaster
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Do It Yourself
and Save Money!

$30 per month
  That's right!  Just $30 per month, no long term contracts, and a small one-time initiation fee of $75 gets you started.
FREE Design Tools and Templates
  Site Studio offers a step-by-step guide and all the tools you need to create your own first class website.  Or use your own!
Web Hosting
  Fully functional domain support is included, with your personal control panel, email accounts, domain aliases and FTP. Truly everything you need.
  Choose the level of tech-support you want.  Use The Virtual Webmaster for help in the tough areas, and only pay as you need the service.  You can't go wrong.

Turn-Key Web Site

When it comes right down to it, making a website isn't all that hard.  With the tools (editors and publishers) available today, you don't even have to know HTML.  That's one reason more and more companies are beginning to do their own web design work.

Save Money. 
A lot of companies have already invested in a variety of marketing pieces, such as a logo, brochures, business cards, product sheets, and catalogs.  Using that material for a web site allows them to deliver their message to prospects and customers through the internet.  A very cost effective way to communicate.

A Professional Image.
World Centre, Inc. provides the tools and templates you need to make your website as beautiful and effective as possible.

Site Studio allows you to select from a variety of themes for your web site.  It includes all the functions you need, and step by step instructions.

Web Editors
If you, or your staff, are already using an html editor or web designing software, our Turn-Key program will interface with it. So feel free to use InDesign™, DreamWeaver™, Front Page™, and a host of others.  Yes, we offer Front Page™ extensions with this hosting contract.

Updates Anytime
One reason business owners like to use Turn-Key web design is because they want to be in control of the changes made to their site.  Don't ever be held hostage again to an over-priced designer, or well intentioned but ineffective computer person.  Get your changes done right away - the right way.

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Even though this product is designed for you to be able to do everything yourself, we still like to offer that full-service experience.  Use our contact form to get in touch with us, and we'll help you get a site set up and get you started in the right direction.

The Virtual Webmaster
Should you need help in the process of building your web site, you can be assured that The Virtual Webmaster (World Centre, Inc.) is capable of answering your questions.

Teaching and Education
Take advantage of the learning opportunities offered by World Centre, Inc.  Classes, workshops and seminars are offered from time to time.  We enjoy teaching people how to communicate through the internet.

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