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The Virtual Webmaster
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Unlimited *
Web Hosting

  We monitor bandwidth and have never limited a customer on the amount they needed.
Disk Storage
  We monitor disk storage and make disk space available to all our customers.  We have never limited the storage space of a customer.
Email Accounts
  We provide unlimited email accounts for our customers with both POP3 and webmail access.
  Set up FTP folders and limit access as needed.
Dedicated IP
  We provide dedicated IP addresses for all customers that need or request them.
Because World Centre, Inc. is selective in the accounts accepted, we have never run into a resource problem. Any business that wants to run a bona fide internet presence will be welcome here, where we say:  "Welcome to life without limits!"


World Centre, Inc. provides state-of-the-art hosting for your website and internet presence.  We choose to use a service in Atlanta, Georgia to maintain and monitor our server(s).

Costs and Values
World Centre, Inc. is not primarily a web hosting company, but offers hosting for customers as a convenience and for quality control.  Hosting is FREE for all customers with a maintenance contract of one hour per month or more.  See details.

The same great hosting service is made available with our Turn-Key web package at $30 per month.  That's a screaming good deal, second only to free (see above).

The facility is housed in a poured concrete building, making it resistant to natural disasters.  It contains a state of the art security monitoring system including intelligent card access and 24X7 video surveillance.  It also has raised floors that force cold filtered air through server cabinets.

Environmental controls
Leibert Systems provide air conditioning and humidification control, keeping the NOC at a constant 65 ° F.  If a spark is detected, FM-200 is automatically released and will remove all oxygen in the NOC within 30 seconds.  This is an environmentally friendly version of halon and safe for sensitive equipment.

Power Redundancy
The facility has a three stage monitored power redundancy system. It works on four separate power grids.  There are multiple UPS systems.

Dual diesel generators (7 day fuel supply that can be refueled) will kick in if there is a power outage.  The UPS systems provide power for up to 120 minutes, and within 7 seconds of a failure the diesel generators will be at full operating capacity.

Facility Equipment
All servers are connected to the network via Fast Ethernet (100MB/second).  The facility backbone consists of Foundry Gigabit switches, HP ProCurve switches and Cisco routers.  There is a full tape backup system on the network with daily backups.

Discuss The Details
Give us a call to talk about the details.  We're very pleased to offer this service to our customers and will gladly provide references and statistics at your request.

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