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World Centre, Inc. is absolutely convinced that there is no better way to do your business marketing than through the internet.  That is not to say the internet is the only way to market.  It is to say that because there is no more cost effective way to communicate, your internet presence should be the key piece around which all your sales and marketing efforts hang.

Here are some of the tools and techniques we feel are important for marketing today:

The legitimate use of email communication is extremely valuable for customer service as well as staying in touch with your prospects.  There are several programs available that manage your subscribers in a newsletter list.  Depending on your business plan, there may be several different newsletters you would like to employ.  World Centre can help you set them up, and even organize your copy if you need help writing.

Search Engines
Optimizing your website for search engine performance is an important part of your web design as well as your marketing strategy.  The use of keywords and descriptions is imperative if you want your audience to be able to find you on any of the major search engines.  World Centre can help with ideas and techniques that have proven to be effective in getting your listings to become more prominent on the search engines and portals. 

One of the newer forms of internet advertising is the Pay-Per-Click model now found on search engines.  We are watching this part of the industry mature and anticipate that it will become an important part of your internet marketing strategy if your site is looking to generate new traffic.  The ability to generate qualified leads from this marketing is incredible - and no doubt the "biggest bang for your buck" in many cases.

Auto-Response Systems
World Centre, Inc. uses AutoResponse Plus as the program of choice for developing automated responses for marketing and sales purposes.  The key benefit of automation is cost reduction.  The area of concern is the risk of losing contact with prospects - and missing out on the opportunity to create a relationship.  For that reason, only carefully designed auto-response campaigns are endorsed.  Used properly, it is a powerful tool.

Marketing Strategy
Talk with us about setting up a marketing strategy.  When all the pieces are working together, there is a great increase in profitability and revenue available.  Your internet presence is a tool.  As such it should be used adroitly, then maximum advantage is gained.

Info Guru Marketing
One of the most exciting marketing methods to find its way into print recently is Robert Middleton's InfoGuru Marketing. This is an excellent system for developing a marketing plan, step by step, for professionals in the service sector; especially those that offer an intangible product such as consulting or advising. Use the link above to find out more - there are some great freebies and superior supporting documentation. I have been a student of marketing for many years and this resource gets my firm endorsement!

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