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Proprietary Shopping Cart System
  Cube Cart is a database driven shopping cart that uses PHP and MySQL for extremely powerful content management and inventory control.  Customers are allowed to create an identity and log in for repeat purchases, create wish lists, and treat your online store as their favorite place to shop. Sales and promotions are also easily done. Typical store setup is $2,500.
  Agora is a cgi-script database shopping cart that is an excellent choice for most catalog sites.  It handles a huge number of products and allows flexibility in display and updating.  Typical store setup is $1,500.
Affiliate Shopping Cart
  The software we use to track purchases and sales, as well as affiliate commissions is Commission Cart.  Typical store setup is $3,000.
JavaScript Cart
  For sites with few products and offline order fulfillment, we offer a java script shopping cart that is html based.  Typical store setup is $500, but prices range widely depending on the number of items.


There are great advantages to offering your products for sale on the internet.  Using an ecommerce package allows you to select the features you need for presenting your products and fulfilling orders.

Shopping Cart
The standard for ecommerce websites is the shopping cart technology.  This is a software program that allows your visitor to shop through your catalog of items, while placing some in a "cart".  This virtual cart keeps track of the items, their options and prices until the shopper is ready to check out.  The software then compiles an order form and asks the purchaser information about payment methods, shipping, etc.

If your online store is likely to sell multiple items to each shopper, then a shopping cart program is almost a requirement.  The advantage is that it makes the purchase process painless for the customer.  This in turn encourages more sales.

Order Form Shopping
Secure Sockel Layers AvailableAn html method of ecommerce is to create an order form that is linked to the display pages for your products.  This enables a purchaser to find the product they are interested in, and then complete the form to make the purchase.  The advantage is lower development cost.  The disadvantage is that it generally requires the purchaser to remember the description of the product and price so they can fill the order form out properly.

JavaScript Cart
Java Script is a computer language that is supported by all the newer browsers, and because of that it will work for the vast majority (although not all) of your visitors.  A java script cart is an html web page with extra programming to do calculations and capture the purchasers personal information.  For a small list of items, or ones that rarely change in price or description, the java script cart can be an effective tool.

Affiliate Agreements
In order to attract, track and pay affiliates, the shopping cart software you use must be enabled to establish affiliates and then report activities on their behalf.  This is important technology as more ecommerce sites are using affiliates to help them generate traffic.  The program we use for this is called Commission Cart and is available for just a few hundred dollars.  In addition to the purchase of a license with ComCart - there are installation and customization costs.  Talk to us about your product to get an idea of what an affiliate program would cost to get set up.

Deciding What's Best For You
Let us give you a recommendation for how to equip your ecommerce website.  There are a lot of options, and each has an advantage over the others in a given situation.  If you would like to be able to compare the features and benefits of each, then contact us and we will help you with a specific recommendation.

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