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The Virtual Webmaster
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Choose The Level
of Service You Need

Virtual Webmaster Rate
  Outsource your webmaster needs at $100 per hour.
$75 per Month
  The most appropriate level of service for most commercial sites: one hour per month (webmaster, tech support, marketing, or design).  Cumulative for unused time can be applied to quarterly or annual projects.  Includes FREE hosting.
Hourly Consulting Contract
  Appropriate for shopping carts, high volume content sites, and those that are being used for advanced marketing techniques.  Typically these contracts range from 3 - 10 hours per month.
Turn-Key Website
  Pay-as-you-go allows you to budget and schedule consulting hours as you need them.  Same hourly rate for consulting, but web hosting is separate.


Every business web site is a dynamic communication tool.  You can't just build it and expect it to work forever.  It requires adaptation, changes and maintenance - not unlike any communication device.

A webmaster is one who maintains and manages the content and functionality of a web site.  Unlike web design, which most often refers to the creation of a website, the function of a webmaster is to add pages, change content on existing pages, and maintain the programs that make the web pages work.  Examples of the latter are forms, shopping carts and calculators.

Some websites need a great deal of management and changes while others are relatively static.  An example of a high maintenance site is an ecommerce store with a shopping cart and products that change from time to time.  An electronic brochure, on the other hand, may need little management.  World Centre has designed support contracts for any type of commercial website.

Virtual Webmastering
When you don't have a dedicated human resource to handle your web maintenance, using a Virtual Webmaster is the logical choice.  The ultimate leverage of your payroll dollars:

  • Pay for experience, don't pay to get experience
  • Eliminate paying for unproductive time
  • Reduce payroll overhead (taxes, benefits, etc)
  • Just-In-Time inventory of computer wizardry
  • No long term commitment
  • Maximize utilization and ability

On-Call Tech Support
Call or email for technical support.  Now you can have access to the service you need to keep yourself focused on your job.  Nagging computer problems or temporary anomalies needn't distract you or cause you to pull out your hair.  Call first.

Computer Programming
World Centre has capabilities in computer programming, through contract resources and strategic alliances.  Whether you need help with data management, javascript, cgi scripting, html or it's variations, you can count on World Centre to get the job done right.

Project Management
Working on a maintenance project or marketing campaign?  These are the things your consultant with World Centre can do for you.  From start to finish, a project needs someone to track the timeline, set up a strategy, and in many cases just hold accountable the people working on the project.  Let World Centre work with you on this to get the results you want and need.

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